Your support matters. Here's how.

There are many ways to show support and we would not be as strong as we are, growing year after year in size and abilities, without those who have believed in us along the way.

Our season began last week with nine professional dancers walking through the studio door, ready to begin another year of creating magic. 

As we roll into October, we have more work to do than just perform. We also have to ask for help. In order to grow, to continue to add dancers and performances, we need your help. There are two immediate ways you can help us today: supporting us by attending our fall fundraiser, Ballet at the Barn, and by purchasing your ticket to our fall season premier, A Triple Bill.

Ballet at the Barn

In it's fifth year, this annual fundraiser kicks off our season around the campfire with entertainment, comfort food and cocktails at The Bluffs Barn in Van Meter. Wear flannels and relax as you get a sneak peek of our professional company performing brief excerpts from the season premiere. Tickets are $50 and can be purchased here

A Triple Bill

A Triple Bill premiers October 28 through October 30. You have the opportunity to take in three short performances, by three different choreographers. Ballet Des Moines Ballet Mistress Lori Grooters, Tulsa Ballet's Ballet Master Ma Cong and Kansas City Ballet's Second Company Manager, Anthony Krutzkamp have created unforgettable pieces for you to experience. We've been watching these unfold in our studio space and there isn't a dry eye left in the building. We would love to share this experience with you. Tickets can be purchased at the Hoyt Sherman box office or through Ticketmaster. 

We are honored to have so many fans believe in us, and in the art of ballet. For that, we are and always will be thankful.

And so it begins

Missing from photo: Eugeniu Cilenco and apprentice Mary Cooper.

This morning, nine beautiful dancers will walk through the Ballet Des Moines studio doors. Dancers from the midwest, northeast and as far as Moldova will passionately dedicate themselves to the art of ballet for the next seven months. They will train tirelessly to create performances that move you, inspire you, captivate you and energize you. They will make you hold your breath in wonder and most importantly, give you permission to feel. 

Please join us as we welcome our professional company to our favorite city. And we welcome you to share in our passion for the premiere of our 2016-2017 season, Triple Bill, October 28-30 at Hoyt Sherman Place. Tickets go on sale September 19.

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