Artist Showcase: Christine Hilbert

One creation in the Ballet Des Moines artist-in-residence series by artist Christine Hilbert

Ballet Des Moines welcomed artist Christine Hilbert for our five-week winter residency. Christine was an amazing addition to the studio — she radiates positivity, creativity and inspiration. In an effort to share a little more about her, we asked Christine a few questions to get to know her better. 

What inspires you to create?

There are so many things in my daily life that inspire me: sometimes it's the colors found in nature, something hilariously innocent that my 3 year old says, a line from a book that speaks to me. I try to always keep my eyes open for the next thing that sparks something within me; so much of it is found in the everyday.

When did you first start creating with watercolor and jewelry?

I have been painting since I was a child, and studied oil and acrylic painting in school, but only recently found a love of watercolor. There is a delicacy to the art form that I felt complimented the movement of the ballet and dance. I have been creating jewelry for about 9 years. This series of combining the two, which I call Heirloom Anthology, started about a year ago, as a way to bridge the two loves.

What has been your favorite/meaningful artifact/piece and why?

This is the most difficult question! I created a statement necklace for myself out of heirloom pieces from my grandmother's jewelry box. The sentiment and history of this piece is something I treasure. The fact that I was able to put my own creative spin on it made it even more special.

What was the most inspiring/exciting part of being an artist-in-residence with Ballet Des Moines?

I have had a constant smile since starting my residency. There is something truly magical about the ballet: the delicacy and grace of motion and the beauty and intricacy of the costumes are the two components that I have felt most inspired by and have tried to convey within my work.

What upcoming projects are you most excited about?

This residency has been such a catalyst for inspiring more work within this series based on the ballet. I am planning to continue to push the series further after my residency ends. Of course, I will continue to create jewelry and accessories. I am also going to try my hand at writing and illustrating a children's book.

Learn more about Christine and see the full body of her work on the Artist Showcase Event, December 6 from 5–7PM at Moxie